Jesus College – TE Lawrence Tea Towel


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In the  first collaboration between Jesus College Oxford and Paul Bristow Associates, this tea towel  gives a fascinating glimpse into the texture of College life pre-World-War I:  a page from the ledger book of May 1908 shows the battels bills run up by undergraduates of the day, including more than one Jones,  James and Jenkins, aswell as lawyer and scholar of ancient history K P Jayaswal who became an intellectual force for the Indian independence movement… and a certain T E Lawrence later to become known as Lawrence of Arabia . Photographic reproduction on high quality 100% organic cotton with a hanging loop and hemmed on 4 sides. 

Cost £10  [incl VAT.] For each item sold £1 goes to the College funds.


Made to order 100% organic cotton tea towel, hemmed on 4 sides with care label and hanging loop


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