Singh Twins ViralOff® Adult Face Mask. One Size, adjustable with ComfyClip accessory.


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Unique designs created by and featuring the art of The Singh Twins.

The Singh Twins current designs are inspired by the artwork they created during Covid lockdown as a tribute to the NHS and health care workers – as featured during their appearance as guest artists on Channel 4‘s Grayson’s Art Club.


Double Layer source control mask treated with ViralOff® antiviral technology. ComfyClip adjustable accessory included with every mask. Printed and sewn in the UK.

ANTI-VIRAL TECHNOLOGY With ViralOff® Technology
ViralOff® is an antiviral treatment added to textiles to protect the treated article itself from contamination.
Gives 99% reduction of viruses in 2 hours*.

It is not intended to cure or prevent diseases.
ViralOff® doesn’t interfere with skin’s natural bacterial flora.
For best performance and sustainability, wash less and only when needed, which will result in a product that will live longer.

*ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2)

For more information on ViralOff® please visit:

The face mask is fully printed and sewn in the UK, made with a double layer design it has an opening at the back to allow the insert of a disposable filter.
The filter is not included but they are available to buy online.

Size: Size: Adults 17cm x 9cm One size fits all with the Comfy Clip adjustable accessory which offers three different size options to meet desired fit.
*This is not PPE and is only suitable to be worn as a source control mask.
*Dispatched by Royal mail within 3-4 working days

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